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Help! Cancelled Domain @ Squarespace But Can't Purchase It With GoDaddy??


So I purchased and then cancelled a domain with Squarespace. However prior to that I attempted to transfer it to GoDaddy.

Now I just keep getting an error message at that site regarding domain mapping and no matter how hard I try, I cannot purchase the same domain here at GoDaddy - despite the fact that I cancelled the domain purchase at Squarespace and their account info does indeed show that cancellation.

PLEASE help me rectify this ASAP!
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Hello @blackmarketwit,


....and the domain name is?
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Hi @blackmarketwit,



  1. purchased it (canceled)
  2. you applied a transfer (canceled)
  3. you canceled your purchase (not canceled)
  4. you now want to buy it with godaddy as registrar instead of square space ????

You can't now because it looks like you are still the registered keeper of domain!! What a mess!

I think you can register a new domain just like it but with one small difference that nobody will guess........... change the 'e' in the domain name for a '_'


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