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Help about domain point to other hosting account


I have read several posts but i am confused so i need some help. A friend have a domain registered with godaddy and we want to point the domain to my hosting account as i have create a website for him. The domain have also email services so we want to keep the email services and the domain administration as it is. so we want to point only the domain to my account. What should we do? change nameservers will affect also emails correct?


Helper V

@discjockeyr  Changing the nameserver will also affect email. 

To add your friends domain to your account you will need to Add addon domains to host multiple websites and make sure it is pointed to the directory you created for the domain. Once complete your friend will need to change the A record for his domain and point it to your hosting accounts IP Address. 


How can I change the DNS for a domain name?  I don't want to upload files and do not want to change where the website is hosted.  I want to point a domain name from GoDaddy to another host.


Please advise.