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Help setting up SPF record for Rackspace


I know "SPF" questions come up often but I have not found a direct answer and I'm in a bit of a bind.

After reading through the directions I added what I needed to my Rackspace DNS settings. I think it's right but I have no idea yet. Rackspace told me to contact Godaddy on how to setup SPF for here (other domain is through RS). All I really want to know is what I need to enter to make it work.

Rackspace required me to add,


autodiscover (Sub) CNAME (RT) (address)

@ (Sub) TXT (RT) v=spf1 ~all (address)

"Supposedly" that is supposed to enable SPF on my domain with them.


For here I am not so sure, it seems like entering the same information might be a bit off? Does anyone know simply what I need to put in?


Thank you VERY much!