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High Domain Renewal Price



I just transferred a .com domain to Godaddy. Now I would like to renew it with 1 year. But I realized that the price is €69.99 for 1 year. It is bit high, isn't it?


I planned to transfer to Godaddy my other .com domains too. But if the renewal price is as high as I realized, I can't bring hire to my domains.


Could you explain somebody to me, why could be the renewal price €69.99 for 1 year? Maybe I made a mistake.


Thank you in advance.

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I'm new at Godaddy. Sorry for any ignorance.

Before I transferred the domain, I checked the fee of a new domain registration, and the fee of the transferring. But I can't check - or I didn't find - the fee of the domain renewal.

I'm just interesting about the €69.99/year renewal fee. Because it seems a bit high. Maybe I founded something else fee - don't know.

(It would be better to write an e-mail to Godaddy. But I couldn't find any online support, and I can't call phones.)

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There is a live chat option and it's Arizona USA local time 9am to 6pm. I'm not really a grouch 🙂,

i guess it is a bit confusing at first, lots going on. 

Best of luck. 

Look 👀 at bottom of this page for online chat. It's probably 3am or something in Arizona at the moment, so check the time difference first. 

I've been a godaddy customer over 15 years.  I have registered two domains here and use them for my private email.  What a shock today when I went to renew and found a ridiculous price increase.  Heck, when I first registered the names there was no gmail; well I'll be sending out email to my contact list sending them my gmail address.


Godaddy is only relying on the inconvenience a change will incur.  Well, after 15+ years of steady, reliable pricing I'm done.


This is only an effort to take advantage of the inconvenience customers will incur making a change.


Charge an honest, reasonable price and don't manipulate and rip off your customers godaddy.


Good luck Godaddy customers who stay.


Tom C

I agree, I looked at the renewal pricing for this year (2017), much higher then in past years [I've been with godaddy for 10+ years].  I'm also now looking to go somewhere else too.

Former Employee

Greetings @josh9 and others,


Maybe I'm missing something, I'm not seeing the big price jumps being referenced. Historically, GoDaddy has usually increased prices only because the respective registry has (which means all registrars would be passing that through). I'm wondering if you had multi-year, introductory or otherwise discounted pricing previously that you are comparing the current pricing to.


Also, if you have a large volume of domains and renewals to do, have you considered our Discount Domain Club (on our website or speak to any representative). It might be worth doing a what-if calculation.


I hope it helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I just compared my last 2-years renewal (for .com domains) in Jun 2016 with what GoDaddy asks today for my other .com domain renewal - its 67% increase. Idk if it can be considered as a "big price jumps", but seems like Google Domains still wants $12 (GoDaddy was a bit of expensive before, but not so much to care about transfer hassles). Well with 67% increase maybe it makes sense to do a research about other options on the market. I am GoDaddy customer since 2008 btw.

I am from Australia

I am with godaddy for like 10 years plus. I used to pay something like $13 - $15 for domain renewals. But its been few weeks that godaddy is charging me $29.96..  THey are charging me double. A total rip off....   I called support and the support guy told that i might have renewed for 2 years  but it was not..   He later told me that 10 years ago the price of a hamburger was $5 and now it is $10 and so the domains are now $29.96   . Funny and idiotic support ...    I with 100+ Domains including 6 of my friends are moving to namecheap where the renewal seems to be cheap and stable. 

Bye bye GOdaddy. 

I feel the same...Cost for renewal of  .ws is  about $35 today. I had a $36 credit so I applied it to the renewal. I Just now went to namecheap  here: to check out their rates, and they look better.(will check further)  I have (had) some major issues with Godaddy regarding renewals and unwanted up-selling that was not noticed until after purchased (shame on me). Without going into any details, it took several months, many emails and phone time to straighten out. My wife handled the emails and was livid with the tactics they used in trying not to correct. We have been a customer for many years and I have said to myself for the at least the last 5 years to move my account (s) to another provider...because of what I consider back handed tactics. Now is The Time!

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Generally the business model is based on ripping of customers on renewal. They are acting in bad faith, and their pricing is not transparent.


Blaming the customer, for this is just not okay.

Hi @Cyrus_DK

Thomas in a previous reply was correct... while our prices go up as the Registry demands, they usually creep up, not jump up. If you are experiencing a large increase, you should be sure to check to see if you added privacy or any other added domain features in your shopping cart. Our customer service representatives at one of the numbers in the signature below can always help you out so that you are clear on what you are purchasing.



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thank you for the respons.


Please do not patronise me, I am a highly educated and intelligent person. Who can read and has been working with the Internet since 90's. I know how to order a domain online, and not fall into the traps of your up-sells.

Are you telling me  a renewal price of almost €40 (Euro) for a .com domain, is the normal rate for renewal, compared to the competitions $10-$15 ?


You are selling the domains cheap and taking a very high renewal price. It is a very smart business model for Godaddy, just not for the customers.


If Godaddy does not address this unfair pricing, When time for renewal is here, I will be moving all my domains and recommend my customers to move their domains also.

I'm really sad that Godaddy is gouging on renewals. Although irritating, I really didn't mind going on the $9 renewal code search last, no codes work; hour wasted searching.


Also, someone above mentioned something about "patronizing"....check this out.....


Godaddy rigged the checkout system up so it shows

"valid promo code, You Got A Great Deal!" 

This B.S. "pat on the back" appears twice: once in the "pop-up" Enter Promo Code window and once on your order page.


This message appears regardless if the price goes down or stays the same; obviously in an attempt to trick people.


The tricky checkout wording is a prime example of unethical and despicable business practices; I'm sadly looking forward to moving.


PS.... Some actual costs:


Cost each year for qty 20 domains: $180

(this is what it cost me before, with code usually.)


Cost now for the same 20 domains: $300 PLUS.

And no, I don't want to pay to join your club to get a discount. You jack up the price, then charge people to join the club to get a BIT of a discount, and then you jack up the price some more. 









The same goes for their so called premium domains, not only is it unethical, it is illegal in the European union, to park domains only with the purpose of selling them.


Funny thing I've noticed .dk domain are one of the few domains, they cannot jerk around with, as the Danish domain authorities have strict rules and actually invoice renewal fees directly.

I'm feeling the price jumps as well - to the point where I'm strongly considering closing some of my sites down or jumping to another provider.  I can easily recall when domain names were like $2.99 a year, now I'm paying over $20 a year per domain.   

I have a couple dozen domains with a few more I want to get, so I will definitely use your review to help me make some decisions in that area. i watched it before on: 9Apps VidMate Mobdro .


Yeah, I'm seeing $40 renewal prices.  Already considering a registrar that is offering $8 renewals.  waiting on the phone to speak with staff regarding this price increase - last year it was approx $20 per domain - $40 is a deal-killer here 😠

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Hi there,


Has anyone found good alternatives to GoDaddy? Their practices don't instil trust. Has anyone found trustworthy alternatives without the same modus operandi?


The sad thing for them is that we're all busy people and once an impression is set that they have been less than trustworthy with pricing, it is going to be hard to convince people otherwise. Even if their prices became more competitive, you'd have to think really hard to switch back.


I'm trying to access my 'Account Settings' and it is taking ages, when I don't seem to have a problem with other sites. There could be an innocuous explanation for it but in light of the comments and the price increase I noticed as well, it is hard to give GoDaddy the benefit of the doubt.



Our renewal prices went up about 50% to 100% depending on the TLD.


After so many years of silent suffering, time to move.