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High latency on forwarded addresd

Good morning

I have a GoDaddy domain name that I have setup to forward to another address right now.

When I run a 24 hour latency test (ping regularly for 24 hours) and plot the results I see that I am consistently getting a very high response time from GoDaddy that doesn't exist when I ping the forwarded address directly.

The difference is quite significant. On average when I ping the destination address I get an average of 20ms however when I ping my GoDaddy domain name the results are on average 150ms.

I am an it consultant for the largest IT company in the world and specialise in performance so I'm well aware of all the external factors that could contribute to this result.

Where are the GoDaddy servers located as I think this is the most probable cause of the significant difference.

As I live in the UK and I bought a domain from GoDaddy I would have hoped that my account DNS servers would have defaulted to ones based in the UK. Is there anything I can do to allow UK based clients to get a faster response times from their DNS lookups And subsequent address forward.

Hi,we need buy a domain name "". Please help me, thanks,

Hi @Pouchao,


Welcome to the Community!

Sorry for the delay in receiving a response. Your question doesn't really fit the topic, so it may have been overlooked. The domain, "" is currently owned by another party at a different registrar. If you wish to use our brokers, they can negotiate its purchase for you. However, as the domain has a current, active website, you may wish to first go there and see if they would be interested in selling the domain. 



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