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Horrible spam after registration.

Not cool...

I’ve owned MANY domains over the years, and several with GD. Never, ever, ever have I been spammed like this.

No way is it just a public registration. Yes... registrars info is public through any Whois, but I have to call BS when I start getting massive amounts of emails and calls OVER NIGHT.

I’ll be in touch with the FCC and others right away.

Very unhappy
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Sorry to hear that you are getting SPAMMED like that @Rikk1960, Initially when I read the heading of your post I was thinking the whole public registration angle. Reading further I see that you have have dismissed that notion and I understand your frustration because I have been there.


It has been my experience that SPAM has changed for the worse. I don't really have a great answer for how to reduce SPAM but I will say that I have gotten the most SPAM from domains that have been previously registered. I don't know about your domain specifically but I do know that when you buy a domain you additionally get the baggage from that domain. I have myself purchased domains with some unscrupulous history and it does take time to rectify those issues. I actually don't even advise that one should try to reform a domain.


I hope your issue isn't one of history. That's all I can think of because I haven't known a fresh domain to have a more than normal amount of SPAM. Unfortunately laws on this are behind technology and I find that going back and forth sometimes means more SPAM. I wish I had something more I could suggest. 


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