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Host blocking my IP address

We're running our company's website on GoDaddy hosted server in Singapore - and it was all working great until one day our office could no longer access our website. 

A brief check showed that while we could connect to it from anywhere else, it was just our office IP address that was blocked getting to that host. 

We found that none of the other 1,257 sites on that same host is accessible to our IP address but websites that are adjunct to it (IP + 1) and sitting on that same subnet are perfectly accessible.

We spent the last two days on hours of chats with more hours on the phone with GoDaddy support giving all the details - to tell us that the problem is not on the host side.

We spend equal time with our ISP covering all possible angles and verifying that nothing on their network is blocking the traffic.

While ICMP traffic work to that host, something is dropping http/https packets (website and cPanel) - and all evidence show it's a host issue - with no one to offer any solution. To this point, we're still being bounced around.

I noticed that none of the similar issues others have had (blocked IP) was ever resolved by GoDaddy - and users were forced to change their IP address to resolve this issue.


This is our last resort. Any suggestions, please?


Hey @fsdfsdfsdfsdfsd


Were you able to get this worked out on your end? If so, be sure to let us know what you did to resolve it so that other members who come here to the Community with a similar issue can know what to do. 

Based on the details so far, it sounds like it may be related to local network firewall or anti-virus applications preventing access if the site is reachable outside of your office. Especially if you've already checked in with our live support, who was able to confirm if your local IP connected from is not on a blocked-listing from our end. 


If you're still trying to work this out, perhaps you can share more steps you've taken to troubleshoot this so that other members can offer some suggestions to help finally resolve this issue.


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Not resolved.

Even tried to rebuild and re-stage site from scratch - to no avail.

Resorted to get ISP to change static IP address (with all the pain involved) - which bypassed the problem.


We're certain the issue is on GoDaddy host firewall/antivirus - which the online support was supposed to be able to fix. 

Am guessing that others will face same issue in the future with the same result.


Very disappointing.