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How To Activate A Parked Domain - Tutorial

GaryA wrote,

You'll want to ensure that you have added the second domain as an Addon domain. See the steps in this article:

If it's already added, you might need to manually update the domain name to point to the right IP address. The IP address of your hosting plan can be viewed in cPanel.


Steps on managing DNS for your domain can be found here:


Amadeuslopezart wrote,

Normally its going to take 24 hrs for dns to propagate worldwide. What you do want to make sure of is that the @ record is the one that directs to the ip of your hosting account which is where you find the ip to begin. So that way you make sure your not waiting 24 hrs for nothing.

GIve it some time but in the future you can plan ahead and modify your host file to tell your computer to go directly to the ip you want it to instead of waiting for the rest of the worlds servers to catch up.

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