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How do I point my primary domain name to a folder on my hosting package

How do I point a domain name to a folder within my hosting package?


I have recently purchased the GoDaddy Deluxe hosting package which states I can host multiple websites. Secondly, I have purchased two new domain names with GoDaddy.


I have been able to create two folders within my hosting package, one for each website. However, I am trying to point one domain name at one folder and the other domain name at the other folder, but can not figure out how to do this in order to run multiple websites.


Currently, I can only seem to set one as a primary domain name at the public level and then the other domain name takes on a sub domain as in which isn't right as I want the below structure. Please note, the domain names in the example are just made up to explain the expected structure.



 Any help welcome. 

Community Manager

Hi @CodeCanary76. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! The way you host multiple websites depends on the type of hosting you have. One of the articles below should help. 

Linux cPanel

Windows Plesk

Managed WordPress Hosting

Web & Classic Hosting (Linux and Windows)


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