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How do I redirect a Go Daddy non-hosted domain to a different one that is on Go Daddy?

I have two registered domains on Go Daddy.  Originally they helped me set it up so that I had web hosting on one and the other one redirected to the hosted one.


Now I am hosting on the one that originally was the redirect site.  I want the other one to direct to the one I am currently hosting on (dropped down from the highest hosting level to the personal account a few days ago).


That hosting is set to expire on April 12th.  Do I do this from somewhere in the domain settings?




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Go into your domain manager and click on the domain name that you want to forward, then click on "mange" under "forwarding", then "add new one" and type in the name of your domain which has the website on it and click accept. Allow 24-48 hours for the forwarding to begin.

What should be done on target account.


How do you add the domain?  

Hi @ronenwo

You don't need to add the domain to your hosting account, you can just forward it to the site. Check out these instructions. 

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