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How do I reset my domain name's settings to the default settings it had when I first purchased it?

Hi Everybody,


I'm writing this question to you all as someone that is not experienced with domains or website building so thank you in advance:


How do I reset ALL the settings of my domain to the settings I had when I first purchased the domain?


The reason I'm asking is because at one point I used this domain for a website (which I've since shut down) and now I want to use the same domain for a new website. However, the platform I built the new website on gave me an error message when I tried to connect the domain and the error message said that my domain is already connected somewhere else. 


Thank you in advance for your help. 




Super User III
Super User III

Re: How do I reset my domain name's settings to the default settings it had when I first purchased i



It sounds like you may have had a cPanel or Managed WordPress site to start with and now you are looking to switch to Website + Marketing or to Managed WordPress - the first step is to go to the previous product and change the domain either to the temp (GoDaddy domain) or 


This will "release" the domain from that product and allow you to add it to the new one. GoDaddy support can help with this as well if you are not comfortable changing the settings.

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