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How do I update contact information for my domain?

I'm sure it's probably easy but I'm stumped right now. 

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Helper II

Happy to help! The first thing you need to do is make sure you're logged into your GoDaddy account. Then click on Domains and then Manage.


Then select the domain name you want to use, click

Text Icon(Settings) and select Domain Settings.


Under Contact Information, click Edit.

    • To edit All Contacts, simply enter the Contact, Address, Phone, and Emailinformation you want to update, and then click OK.
    • To edit each individual contact, deselect the Use for all contact types box and enter the information you want to update.
    • Click OK.

This should do it. Hope this helps!


As a note to my clients, I ALWAYS tell them to be sure to keep the email that they use with their domain information current.  Because there is no way around the email communications required for domain transfers and administration, a non-working email can be a thorn in the ...(you pick your anatomical part!)



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Hi, I have 6 domains with you, however I entered a wrong email in two of the domains. I am not able to change it now and the verification mail is going to the email which doesnot exists. How to change the email address ?