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How do you troubleshoot domain issues?

Are there any tips/tools that people should try before they ask others for help with domain issues?

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Advocate V

Ping is King!

My first step is always to ping the domain name.  Not sure how on MAC but with Windows, hold the windows key and tap the 'r' key.  That brings up the run dialog box.  type in 'cmd' (without the quotes) and you'll get a dos box.  Type in ping (substitute your domain name.  For example, to ping my website, I would ping  You should get four replies from an IP address.  Using my website, I would get the response

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=77ms ttl=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=77ms ttl=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=77ms ttl=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=77ms ttl=48

This is good so far.  Other responses are Ping request could not find  Please check the name and try again which indicates the DNS settings are wrong or non-existent or four timeouts which indicates the domain name is resolving to a specific IP but the server is not responding.

Next step is to check your hosting.  It's different on different hosting control panels but somewhere you should see server details that show the IP address of your hosting.  This should match the IP address from the ping.

If that all looks good, check out and put in your domain name there.  Near the bottom, before the disclaimers, you should see a pair of nameservers.  They should match the nameservers in your domain details page.  Finally, on the domain details page, check your DNS Zone settings.  You should have one (and only one) entry for an A record that says the host @ points to the IP address of your hosting.

HTH.  Sorry so long.

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