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How to add Master Reverse DNS?

Hi people!


How to create Master Reverse DNS?


When I do Reverse Lookup, I get the error:

Sorry, we couldn't find any name servers for ''

How to resolve this mentioned issue?


Helper II

Re: How to add Master Reverse DNS?


Open a ticket with your Hosting provider.


Only person with physical control of the IP can add this record.


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Re: How to add Master Reverse DNS?

Hi @vitaliok78,


What is Reverse DNS?

Reverse DNS (rDNS) is name resolution that looks up an IP addresses to obtain a domain name, performing the opposite function of the DNS server, which turns domain names into IP addresses.

Reverse DNS can be used as a spam filter. Typically, spammers use invalid IP addresses, that is, ones that do not match domain names. A reverse DNS program looks up the IP address of an incoming message and, if no valid domain name is found, the server blocks the message. Although reverse DNS is fairly effective for filtering spam, it also often blocks valid emails.

Our administrators configure reverse DNS on all of our email servers. If you administrate your own server, you can contact your IP address's provider to configure reverse DNS.

Note: Do not use a PTR record to configure reverse DNS in our system.


(src Godaddy Docs)  aka @rammsteinium



PTR Records

Hi, In my DNS Manager control panel my name servers are set to name servers.  How do I add reverse DNS Records?


Re: How to add Master Reverse DNS?

For the record, as of 2018-08-30, if you are using a GoDaddy VPS then GoDaddy is the party with control of the IP addresses assigned to your server.  Unfortunately, they offer no ability to enter a PTR (reverse DNS) record, either via a control panel, or via their technical support.  So your GoDaddy VPS's IPs will always reverse lookup to something like  Hopefully this message saves somebody an hour+ phone call with technical support.

Helper I

Re: How to add Master Reverse DNS?

This is what I confirmed as well after 4 levels of support and 2 hours later (despite being told the contrary the first 2 hours).  To make matters worse, this reverse DNS scheme causes the IP be classified as a dynamic IP by SORBS DUHL, causing it to be blacklisted as a mail server.  Time to find a new hosting provider (which customer support was more than happy to help me cancel my account versus provide any semblance of a solution to this).