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How to distribute domain/sub domain management

I want to host a parent domain at GoDaddy, but empower developers to manage a sub domain in a development environment. The parent domain example is named is currently hosted at GoDaddy. I want to create a full sub domain named, hosted in Google Cloud. Ideally, records under (e.g., will be created and managed via scripts running against Google's API.


Is this scenario possible with GoDaddy? How can I implement this scenario?

Community Manager

Hi, @newgistics. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


You should be able to create a separate wildcard with a subdomain in front of it. I was able to do this using a test domain and a dedicated IP address. The records looked something like this:





I used different IP addresses for each record and they responded correctly when queried. If you run into difficulties doing this, feel free to follow up here. Others may have additional suggestions. 


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