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I have a domain in GoDaddy, but i created a new website with a different name

I have a domaine in GoDaddy, ( Recently I renewed my website giving it a new name a different name (ilsantuario) how I can I replace the old website name by the new website?

Thanks for any clear informations



Re: I have a domain in GoDaddy, but i created a new website with a different name

Hi @Ramdane,

Is your hosting with another provider? If so, you will want to change the primary domain name with your hosting provider and then point your new domain name to your host by editing your nameservers with us. 

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Re: I have a domain in GoDaddy, but i created a new website with a different name


I have a similar issue, with some specifics:
I have a website with domain name and hosting here at GoDaddy.
I have had this site with good success for 10 years, desire to keep my domain name and accumulated SEO gains, my site does very well organically.
My site has gotten dated, so I have been working on a new site using WordPress and I used another host and domain name so that I can test my site live.
I'm pretty happy with the new site and would now like to "replace" my old site with the new site.
I want the new site to use my old site domain name, etc.
I also, want to keep my new domain name, do I keep the old site hosted elsewhere also and point my old domain name to it?
I am just not sure how to accomplish what I want to do.
Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: I have a domain in GoDaddy, but i created a new website with a different name

Hi @laurameeks. It sounds like you're expressing two issues. One, how do you keep your SEO when updating your site and two, how do you point your old domain to your new site. The first issue can be very tricky and depends largely on how you set up redirects on your new site. Unfortunately, that's about all I know on the subject. There is a good article by Moz on it here though


For the second issue, you'll have to do two things:

  • Change the domain within WordPress
  • Update where your domain points 

Changing the domain for a WordPress site can also be tricky. Take a look at this WordPress Codex entry on changing your site's URL. Keep in mind that there can also be theme or plugin changes that you'll need to make to make sure the site is working properly. 


Changing where your domain points is relatively easy in comparison to the first two points. The typical way to do this is to update the domain to use your new host's nameservers. Check with your host to find out what nameservers to use, and then use these instructions to change the nameserver settings. 


If you want to use the new domain you registered as well, you can usually just forward it to the old domain once you get the new site running with the old domain. If you registered the domain with GoDaddy, you can see these instructions to learn about our forwarding service. Hope that helps. 


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