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I have bought a new numeric domain, but it won't show up on Godaddy!

After I have bought a numeric domain with the .com extension, the domain isn't showing up after I had waited for 9 hours. And I have also called the custom support, but they were busy and I needed to wait so I need help at this community forum.


And when I was checking if the domain name was still available, then I was shocked because the domain name was still available to everyone to buy. But I don't want to buy the domain name again, to see if it works after the second try and it costed me around 284 NOK.

https ://


And when I checked the Whois lookup of the domain, then it showed up that it got updated because of my purchase but I didn't receive the domain to my GoDaddy account. And the numeric domain name was expired, and I bought it without an auction. I'm also unsure about writing the domain name here because someone else could buy it, and I can't let that happen so I hope that I will receive many answers.

https ://


I have bought (updated) the domain today, 13th and it shows in this link!

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Super User III

Re: I have bought a new numeric domain, but it won't show up on Godaddy!



I'm not 100% sure but if you made a premium domain purchase and have questions, there's a specific department for that. Maybe @JesseW can make a suggestion?

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Re: I have bought a new numeric domain, but it won't show up on Godaddy!

Hi @Decript. If you purchased a Premium domain, that would go through our Aftermarket team. You can reach them at However, keep in mind that it's possible to post domains in our Premium listings that aren't registered with GoDaddy. This means that the current owner has to transfer the domain, so there is more of a process involved than if the domain is registered with GoDaddy. For more information on Premium Domains, please see this article. I hope that helps. 


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