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I have misspelled my domain name - I registered my domain.

Hello, I registered my domain name just yesterday. Unfortunately I misspelled it. What options do I have now?


Hi @cobbyfred,

With most domains, you can get your purchase refunded within 5 days of the purchase if you call support. They can use the credit from that refund to help you purchase the correct domain name.

my domain should have -copywriter- at the end. Shall I purchase a new one? 

Hi @salihabulgasim,


Yes, a new purchase. You can't change the spelling of a registered domain. If you want it to be something else, you will need to register the name you want as a new domain. As previously noted, most domain registrations can be cancelled and refunded if removed in 5 days (exactly 120 hours) from purchase. You'll need to contact customer support to be credited for the misspelled domain, if allowed by our refund policy



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