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I'm new here and at the same time disappointed in the service I've received


Likewise Smiley Frustrated

Hi @RDL1 and @gibsonbarrys,


Let me welcome both of you to the Community!

We're sorry to hear that you've had an poor experience with our support team. GoDaddy wants all customers to have a positive experience, not what you're reporting here. 


If there is a specific technical issue that the community can try to help out with, we'd encourage you to post that subject in its own thread with greater detail. Another Community member may be able to provide suggestions on how you can move forward. 



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
Supporting you at

I received many e mails from contains dollars many days ago, but I can't withdraw money because there was no name of our nation into Click banks Country's List. However hostingregion now redirects link to whose domain expired on18/08/19. Waiting for renewal or deletion.
Now how to withdraw my Gifts? Is it Possible through you, GoDaddy. com ? If so Please inform the Details.
Thank you.

I have been transfered to goldelitemember. com by hostingregion. com for withdrawal of Gifts they served. But it's registration is expired on 18/819.(
Now inform If I will be able to withdraw my Gifts for you(GoDaddy. com) ? If yes how? Please inform the Details clearly.
Thank you.