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I need help transferring my host and a couple other details..

Almost a year ago, I bought my domain name from ehost when I signed up with their site builder services (so I do not have a cPanel account with them). I just recently bought another domain name from godaddy and decided to also sign up for hosting and am using cPanel for my new website.

A couple questions… First, I would like my domain from Ehost to bring the viewers to my new website I created with godaddy, and discontinue using ehost. I have my owner information (whois) private and it is important to me that my personal information is not made public for either domain name. Is it possible to make this transfer while keeping my info private? (I read something that sounded like I may need to make my info public while the transfer takes place, but I’m not sure if that is the case or not?)


I would like to do this transfer in easiest way possible. I do not need to transfer any content from the old host to the new host since I created all new content on the new host and want to use that instead. Essentially, I just want my domain name, that’s all.


What is the easiest/best way to do this? Would it be better/easier to have both these domains somehow bring the viewer to the site I created with go daddy (and how would I do that?) or is it easier to not use the newer domain I am using with go daddy and only use the domain I ultimately want to keep from my old host? (And how would I do that?)

Thank you in advance for any advice or direction! 

Helper VI

@azashley let's call domain1 the one from your old host, and domain2 the one you purchased at GoDaddy.

Now, you have your domain1 site in ehost and your domain2 site in GD, and you want to have functional your site hosted in GD. For that, you can:

  • Redirect domain1 to domain2: if you don't mind losing SEO and can afford to make that change to your visitors. (I know you said you don't have cpanel there, but maybe you can manage DNS from there).
  • Transfer domain1 to GD, so you can manage your hosting and domain from one place: you will need to cancel the private registration in order to transfer. After that, you can buy private registration again.
  • Just tell your visitors at domain1 to go to domain2, and cancel the ehost plan.


Hope it helps!

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