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I've transferred my domain. How do I give them the website too?

Now how do I give my website to the person I transferred my domain to as well?

I want them to own and have 100% access to the domain and website I built.


I do not want them to have access to my account. I have a real business running on a couple of domains on my account.


Super User II

Though there is a standard procedure for moving a domain between accounts unfortunately hosting does not have the option.  It would be a matter of them purchasing a plan in their own account, and it depends on how the website was made if it would be possible to manually move the website.


So for example if you are using WordPress the website can be exported, then they would need to get a plan capable of WordPress and import it.  But the website builder doesn't have an import/export option so all of the pages and sections would need to be re-added while copy&pasting over the content.



Yes. It was done on website builder and it seems that the only way to allow them to change/edit the website is give them access levels to the domain area.


That is not something I'm comfortable with PLUS the domain has been transferred so I'm not sure how this will even work.