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I want to move my domain from Godaddy

Hello Team,

I want to move my domain, from but I could not find the domain name at all. I need to see to the movement from godaddy as soon as possible because the steps explained on your help for this was not useful for me. Kindly help me out on this as soon as possible. Thank you.

Helper IV

If you can't find the domain in your account, it could be expired and you may need to renew it before transferring it. In the Domain Control Center, click on "Domains" in the green navigation and you will see an  area called "Expired Domains". If it is there, you will need to renew it to move it as a domain has to be active to transfer.


If you need further assistance, please contact GoDaddy support.


Also, my two cents is to make sure where ever you are moving your domain to offers 24x7 phone support. I have seen many people unable to manage their domains and reach their registrar while I was working for GoDaddy because they used less then reputable companies to host their business assets (domains).

But I just paid an annual domain fee for this domain less than three months ago. And this is what I have on clicking the Expired Domains tab: "

All Domains (0)
You have no expired domains."
Was it because I used gocentral's free design trial. Please let gocentral release my site as soon as possible as I am not interested in their design again.

No idea. I don't work for GoDaddy. Please call their support line to resolve your issue and get your questions answered as they will be able to log into your account and see the history and what has happened.


Best regards.


Please godaddy support should let gocentral release my epp code to me via my email. My website that I registered its domain is Please do something for me as the site is not part of my domains again when I followed your steps as highlighted here:

Dear Support,


Please help me to know the remaining steps to take as I have been able to get the EPP code. I hope that the 5 days restriction is the only thing delaying the transfer.


This is the response that I got from the new domain company:

Your domain name's transfer is on hold due to restrictions placed by the Registry.Contact your current Registrar to have the restrictions removed.


Thank you.


Ayodele Osho.

So GoDaddy Has your site locked to prevent you from moving it elsewhere. Sounds like they are aware their service is getting pretty lousy. Fee here and a sigh up there, it's all about money not running a usable business. To bad because I too have alot of time invested trying to make something work on here.

GoDaddy is the registrar, not the registry, and they cannot override the rules of the registry. When the registry imposes a transfer lock, there is nothing you can do but wait it out. 

The other sights don't have upgrades and extra costs all over the place do they?