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Import/Export DNS Zone

I need to add a lot of records to my DNS zone.  How does the import/export function work?


Can I import only the additions?  Or do I have to export the whole thing, add the records, and then import it back in?



Re: Import/Export DNS Zone

Hello Dfindlay!


I was able to test the functionality of the import feature and determined that if you import a zone file it will only add the records you have imported and leave the existing records un-modified.


So to clarify the import feature does not impact your old records & only adds more to the zone file. 



Mike L. | WebPro

Re: Import/Export DNS Zone

Import in not working for me

{"code":"MissingArgument","message":"Expired or invalid\r\nParameter name: X-XSRF-TOKEN","detail":null,"fields":[]}

file is very simple with one record
xx 3600 IN CNAME

Support in chat does not believe me. They think I do something wrong. Is anybody can test import?

Re: Import/Export DNS Zone

I also tried to talk to multiple support persons and all have just told me same thing. They just say that it is working fine but I have never been able to upload even a single zone file successfully, have tried atleast 100 times with different format.


Even the exact file exported from GoDaddy panel shows error in import

The format shared by the support person didn't even work.

I have left hope to get same fixed.

Re: Import/Export DNS Zone

yah, GoDaddy's DNS record export/import needs some serious work.


I exported a domain name and then immediately import the same unmodified file and it complained "An unexpected error occurred. If this issue continues, contact support."


GoDaddy Support offers ZERO help in resolving this matter.

Former Employee

Re: Import/Export DNS Zone

Hi all,


Thank you for your question.  Wanted to check in with you and see if there's any update on your problem?  I'm happy to include a few folks to help out - in particular during an AMA next week where we'll spend more time researching the issue.  Please let me know if anything has changed or how we can help trouble-shoot the issue.


Make it a great day,



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Re: Import/Export DNS Zone

It's happening here and used to work fine. Lots of complaints but no one from GoDaddy trying to fix...If I export from one domain, I should be able to import. Getting an error on all browsers, so clearly a GoDaddy issue...

Re: Import/Export DNS Zone

Have Had NO Solution till date and issue still exists.

Even the same file downloaded from GoDaddy doesn't get uploaded.


Would Really Really appreciate a solution as we have more than 200 subdomains to maintain

Re: Import/Export DNS Zone

Eric, you can see the result yourself, all you have to do is simply go to your DNS Manager, select a domain, export it and immediately try to import it back.


Re: Import/Export DNS Zone


The import feature in our DNS allows the ability to add DNS records to your domain in bulk or from another DNS provider, which walks through.

Importing a zone file will merge the existing zone file with the imported one, which can result in duplicate DNS records, so if you are making large edits to import new DNS records, we would advise leaving out any existing records when you import the new ones.

To export your zone to take to another DNS provider or to archive it, which walks through.

If you ever experience issues with importing your zone file, please reach out to Support and we would be happy to help troubleshoot that!

Hope this helps!


Paul D. | Advanced Technical Support
24/7 Support at