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Impossible to turn off auto renew! Why is this option disabled?

Trying to NOT auto-renew 2 domains, but the option to turn OFF auto-renewal is not there? Is this some kind of extortion scheme? VERY ANGRY! I do not WANT these names anymore. What can I do?

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Greetings @Beefydog,


Hmmm, this doesn't sound right, no sense keeping things you don't want. Unless you elected domain protection or some other restriction, this should work...

If you find that it doesn't or need additional assistance, just call 24/7 tech support on our website.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Until reading your steps to turn off auto-renew I was stumped as to the process as well. Further, the message that appears when you "cancel renewal" is ominous. I just don't want to auto renew because I would like to turn the account over to someone else and have them pay the bill with their credit card instead of mine. If in the next 15 days (the amount of time left on the current domain name contract) they log in and update the billing to their own information, I hope that they will not find themselves cancelled on 10/19/2017. Will they or will they not be able to update billing information and pay the bill without cancellation?

Time to find another domain registrar, GoDaddy has done their best to make it as hard as possible to manage your own domain settings in an attempt to keep you from leaving GoDaddy. Screw these clowns I am bailing out asap and taking my domains with me. Had enough of GoDaddy crap.

Yeah, I had the same issue today.  I figured out the crap they're pulling.  On one level, you're right, you can no longer set the domain to auto-NOT-renew.  However, you can set it to CANCEL on the renewal date.  Which, I don't know, could mean you won't even be reminded on the renewal date.  So, the issue is, if you want to set things to NOT auto-renew, the way I usually have it set, you no longer can.  Everything is set to auto-renew when you purchase the domain, or you have to change it to CANCEL on your next renewal date.  Indeed, this is more revenue driving crap that makes our lives a pain in the butt.  I always left mine to NOT renew so I would have some warning the renewal was coming, then I would go in and pay the domains I wanted to keep.  Now, you have to risk losing the domain, or the charge is going to come crashing through your credit card - probably when you least expect it.