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Incompetent Customer Support

I have a problem before with GD's customer support being to incompetent. I bought a domain from another registrar and cannot even connect it to my gd hosting not to mention transfering that domain is pain. So now that domain which I bought for my business is useless.



Here are the screenshot of the details..


Domain registered


godaddy settings


godaddy chat support


If only there is a way to take back my money. I don't think I deserve this kind of hosting and support.


Former Employee

Greetings @gon ,


To your last question first, our refund policies are found here:


However, I'm not seeing the issue you are identifying as rising to the level of "incompetent". The agent indicated the domain is registered at Namecheap® and therefore the resolution settings are controlled there unless you transfer or use an offsite DNS with us. 

I think the right settings there will do the trick without any transfer "pain", --even though it sometimes helps to have everything at one registrar.


I'd double check the settings for your type of hosting and don't forget to allow for propagation.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Getting Started

I won't consider that answer as competent either. Sorry but this is not my first time. The support did not even checked or asked me questions about my domain or hosting. Did he even checked it? I used offsite DNS with yours of course and I have set my nameservers to and because these are the nameservers of my hosting. But in my godaddy settings, showed a different nameservers. Before posting here, I already have talked to namecheap support about this and they have no control as I am using godaddy settings. Also, this happened with my other domain which was registered with Namesilo. Your support team both chat and call was not able to resolve it until now. 

EDIT: I really don't know what its that hard for godaddy. In some hosting, all I do is change the nameservers and it worked right away. But with godaddy, I always have this problem. I moved to namecheap from namesilo because I thought its a problem with my registrar but apparently, its not.