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Individual pages on masked forward

I apologise if this is solved elsewhere, I had a search but couldn't find anything.


At the moment, I have my site (let's call it masked with forwarding from my domain with GoDaddy (let's call that However individual pages on my site all keep the basic masked address in the address bar instead of altering it (e.g. the archive page address bar just still says instead of


I've read elsewhere that what I need is to do the redirect using DNS rather than forwarding, but I'm not really familiar with DNS and it seems surprisingly hard to Google my particular problem. Any help?


Re: Individual pages on masked forward


So what you will want to do is grab the IP address from where your site is hosted. This could be in the settings or site details.

That will look something like

Next you will copy that IP address and head over to the DNS manager at GoDaddy (same place you added the forward) for your domain.

You should see at the very top of the records list a record called A.

It might look like

Type............... Host............ Points to
A....................... @..........

Click the pencil next to this record (should be on the right) and PASTE your IP in the spot where the current IP is.

You can then delete the forward you created.

Good luck!

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Re: Individual pages on masked forward

Thank you for your response! I suspect that it works, but I cannot actually check...


Having found the IP address (though not through Altervista, who don't seem to have that information anywhere in their backend), I checked it by putting it into the address bar and it led to a 404. I tried pinging it and the request timed out. I double checked a couple of other ways, but the IP address does seem to be correct.


Thought I'd try it anyway, so put it in, deleted the forward and it redirected (as expected) to the 404, so at least I can tell that that bit works. Time to move from Altervista I guess!

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Re: Individual pages on masked forward

I am also having trouble finding the information from your web host.  It is possible that they do not allow domains from a 3rd party.  You may want to switch hosts anyway, as they do not seem like a good one.


I also have a couple notes to bring up... 


Masking is an 'old-school' browser trick/hack, it should be avoided in modern times.  Simply forwarding (w/o masking) is still a viable option, though the domain would not stay in the address bar.


A shared hosting IP address would generally bring up an error as the server does not know which site you are trying to connect to.  The hosting account needs to be set to receive for that domain in addition to the domain being set to send to the hosting account.