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Inserting SEDO Ownership Verification number

I am trying to insert my SEDO Ownership Verification ID number in the DNS of a domain.

How do I do this.


This is what SEDO says:



  1. Look for an action or menu option to edit/add DNS settings
  2. Now enter your verification ID into the TXT record field of your domains.
    - If your registrar needs you to submit a Hostname, simply enter “@”.
    - Also, if you need to enter a TTL value, please enter “3600”.
  3. Your ownership will be verified once the DNS information is updated


But I cannot find where the TXT field is …. ?

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Re: Inserting SEDO Ownership Verification number

Here are the steps to add a TXT (text) record.


Host: @

Value: (the code they gave you)

TTL: 3600