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Is Domain Name Leasing possible?

I own the domain name

I've received numerous inquiries from individuals and organizations expressing an interest in buying this domain from me. I, have no intention of selling it.., would consider doing so for any amount. However, I am open to the possibility of leasing it in the same manner that a homeowner would lease their house/property to tenants. Lessee could have the option to lease for short or long term but I would maintain full ownership of the domain.

Is this possible? If so, how/where would I begin preparing? Would it require professional legal assistance?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards:



Advocate II
Advocate II

Yes, people lease domain names. However you will need to consider which is the more attractive option for you; leasing or just selling your domain.


For an example, you could lease a domain for $1000 USD/yr for 10 years or just sell the domain for $10k the next time someone asks. You should speak to a professional domain broker and decide what your goals are.


Most people that lease domains end up selling them in the end, because once the renter establishes a presence they will want to secure that position. Don't close yourself off to the possibility to sell your domain if it makes financial sense.


A lot of people place their emotions into their domain names, so talking to an experienced broker will give you an idea of if you have over valued or under valued your domain name.



Best of success to you!


Joe Mahoney