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Issue regarding to subdomain

Hey GoDaddy,


I have already paid amount to you for domain and after that i created sub domain. And till now Its not working.

Now, what you want from us after purchasing a domain.


Tell us clearly, you will solve this problem or not. Will I use our sub Domain or not.

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Hey  @Retired.....


I have already made subdomains.Screenshot from 2017-10-25 10-47-45.pngSee this. I made two sub domains but both of them doesn't working.

Whenever I try to open this sub domains this shows an error page.

Screenshot from 2017-10-25 10-48-07.pngNow tell me. What should I do....!!


I've had the same issue and even bought the hosting plan but I am having issues getting subdomains listed on Google and Bing because they don't want 301 redirects and if I forward with masking they reject it as a 302 redirect.  Until now I have done a brisk business with GoDaddy but unless they solve this issue soon, I will use other services.

Community Manager

Hi @badgirl2. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It's hard to say for sure what's happening in your case. If you have a subdomain hosted on cPanel, any redirect would be coming from within your hosting account. If you can share your domain/subdomains and a little more information on what you're trying to do, that may help others take a look and offer suggestions on how you can move forward. 


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Helper V

I suggest you cross-check your DNS and also clear your browser cache and try or else contact Godaddy Support.


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