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Issues With .LLC Domains


Does anyone else have a .LLC TLD?  Are you having issues with it?  I am.  I am starting a company that happens to be an LLC, so that TLD seemed like a perfect fit ( for a company named Bubbletopia LLC).  However, whenever I try to access my own website I get a security alert no matter what browser I use.  Also, when signing up for accounts using my email as a username, email addresses ending with .llc are often rejected as not being "valid" email addresses.  These issues seem to make the .LLC TLD completely unusable!  Before I get on the phone and demand a refund, does anyone know of a fix for these problems?

Community Manager

HI @Bubbles19. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It looks like you currently have the domain forwarded to a GoCentral Website Builder site with masking. You won't be able to use masking if you're forwarding the domain to another site using GoCentral. If you want to use this domain for the GoCentral site, it would be better if you changed the domain on the site builder instead. I hope that helps. 


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