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Language subdomains not working with www



I have been contacting several time the suppport team but all the solutions they've proposed are not working.

I have a website with 2 language subdomains (.fr and .it) and they are working OK but when I add www the URL is not working. 

I've been told to change the DNS CNAME from ".it" to "www" and now what I see is the contrary: is working while is not.  

I've tried to add both "www" and "it" in the DNS but this is not possible. 

I'm not a technical persona - Does anyone know what could be the reason behing this or faced the same issue?

Many thanks in advance 

Resolver II

Try adding these A records


Select record type "A"

hostname : www
IP Adress : y23.227.38.32


If you already have the above add this too: A



Thank you for your reply.

I have tried to add both and the system always says "The CNAME already exists" (firs case) and "The specified record already exists" (when I try the second).