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Limited Number Of SubDomains



so i have a site hosted with the economy hosting plan and a domain that i added onto it. my girlfriend wanted to also start learning wordpress, so i figured another subdomain for learning purposes would be cool. I created a second subdomain for her to use.  i installed wordpress, but its not working. At all. i keep getting a "’s server IP address could not be found." error. I dont know what the problem is. I tried deleting the subdomain and re-instaglling it again but it didnt work. What could be the problem. Please help. 

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Re: Limited Number Of SubDomains

Hello there,


On the Economy shared hosting plan, you can only use one domain. I've seen in the past where people managed to add subdomains and get them working but you really want to take the plan up one level to the Deluxe if you want to host subdomains correctly. It's easy, about $2 more a month, and you can host unlimited subdomains.



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Re: Limited Number Of SubDomains

The Economy plan only allows 1 website, or in other words add-on domains (and sub-domains) would have the same homepage.  You would need a Deluxe or higher plan which does not have that limit to assign add-on domains their own homepage.  Though another option is to use a sub-directory on the same domain (


Outdated info, see the post from @JesseW

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Re: Limited Number Of SubDomains

Hi @nameless_dude. It's actually possible to host additional websites using subdomains on an Economy Shared Hosting account. What you're probably running into here is a DNS issue. Looks like the nameservers for are pointed toward Cloudflare. You'll need to create an A Record with them for "modestia" that points to the IP address of your hosting plan. Hope that helps. 


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Re: Limited Number Of SubDomains

Thank You so much @JesseW. It works.Really Appreciate it.