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Making a Subdomain

Hi, newbie have coupe of questions around how subdomains work as compare to Microsoft version which am familiar with.  When using MS version a subdomain appears as its own dns zone whereby you ad records such as MX, A, CName etc.  How does it work with godaddy as articles suggest you add an IP address for subdomain but i wanted it to be a zone similar to one i purchased to add records.


So am i supposed to add the records in purchased top level domain ( such as 


or do i need to consider changing Name server to my own using Mircosoft version?


Trying to setup some subs for Azure AD and need to add TXT records to verify I own the domain wanted to avoid using the top level domain i purchased for now.






Re: Making a Subdomain


OK figured as much as that I cannot create a true subdomain in godaddy without additional services such as 'hosting' according to the support person on chat anyways.


I managed to get this working by:


1. Creating a subdomain dns zone in Azure hosted DNS (can be any other 3rd part DNS provider)

2. Made a note of the Nameservers associated with the subdomain

3. Added Nameserver record(s) in godaddy using subdomain name as host name

4. Created a dummy A record in Azure DNS to test later

5. Used to check propagation of NS

6. Ran nslookup -type=SOA from Windows PC to verify SOA is Azure DNS

7. Ran ping to see if A record returned.


All is well was able to register the subdomain in Azure by adding the txt record.


As this is going to be used just for testing Azure I didnt want to register my top level domain wanted some additional domains to 'crash and burn' so to speak. 


Hope this helps others