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Masking & Forwarding Domain Names?

Hi,  I'm moving a website from one domain name to another. I would prefer to mask this so the website members to know I put it on another domain name. I want all the url to show up at the top just like they always have, the old url.  Plus, if a new page is made in the future, can they show the old domain name too?  Is this possible


Thank you




Super User II

I would advise against masking as it is an outdated browser trick that can cause problems with the website.  But if you want visitors to get familiar with the new domain that is what should be shown to them.

Getting Started

It's not something I want to do but it's this or clone the wordpress into a wordpress installed inside a wordpress. 

What are you trying to do?  Usually the domain for WordPress would be changed and then the old domain set to 301 redirect to the new domain.