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Mass export all DNS Records for all Domains


I am looking for a function to mass export all my domains DNS records current values at once.

I am aware of the export function of one selected domain.

But I would like to check all my domains (let's say I have 78 domains) 'A' Records if they are all set to a correct value. Is there any shortcut not to do this manually clicking on each domain one-by-one? It is a tedious thing now.

I would welcome a Export-All function that would fill out an excel table (.csv is fine) with all my domains all data, including their DNS records.

Getting Started

Hey! So I have played a bit in my account and don't believe this functionality exists 😞 

Benjamin Howell

Thank you for looking at it, now I am more aware it is not slipped unnoticed somewhere. Is there a place we could suggest this function to be included in some next GoDaddy's upgrade?

I have not too many domains to manage but their IP addresses are spread over many servers, now as we need to abandon a server and reallocate its domains among the others I would welcome an overview of all my domain's DNS settings without much clicking and waiting to check them all. It is a pain-in-the-ass for me now, but I can imagine what it would be with several hundreds of domains to manage.