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Migrate from Hostgator to Go-Daddy CPanel


I have Go-Daddy as my registrar and DNS host, and CPanel website is on Host Gator. Planning to move the site to Go-Daddy hosting.  The issue I encountered was when I set up CPanel on Go-Daddy it asked which domain to use.  I picked my name thinking it would not impact anything until I point my DNS to it.  However it took over my records and moved my @ DNS record to point to new and emtpy CPanel site on Go-Daddy.  I would like to set it up and have time to backup my CPanel on HostGator, restore over to Go-Daddy, do some testing then flip the DNS record when I am ready. Any suggestions on the process I should use to achieve this?


thank you all

Super User I

You could point the DNS back to your old hosting at Hostgator, then clone your site at the new IP address. Then you should be able to access the new version using the IP address in the browser, and when you're ready, then change the DNS again.



That was my intent. But once I enabled CPanel for that domain GoDaddy changed the @ record to CPanel's instead of my hostgator IP and locked it so I could not change it back. Perhaps the lock is temporary? Still takes out my live website briefly by changing my DNS record on its own.