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Migrating existing GoDaddy "Website Builder" site without damaging existing SEO

Hi, I've recently taken over a business which does pretty well in terms of google results (page 1, result 5). The previous owner did a great job with SEO, however I think that the site looks extremely dated and we could do much better with a branding overhaul. 


The current site was built in GoDaddy's Website Builder. I've created quite a few sites through Weebly & Squarespace, and have achieved results I'm really happy with but I'm having trouble achieving similar results with website builder.


So I'm wondering if its a bad idea to create a site with Weebly/Squarespace, with all of the same content as the original, and then link the existing domain to the new site. 


I'm worried that we'll lose our google ranking and disappear from page 1. 


Should I take this chance or should I stick with an ugly website and website builder (which I find pretty bad) ... but a website that is getting traffic due to good SEO...?



Any tips greatly welcome! 




I've just discovered 301 Redirects. This seems like it might be the solution to my problem, do people agree?


So I can hypothetically make a totally new site, without necessarily using anything from the original (although I will replicate quite a bit), and then anyone who finds the original site via a google search will be sent to the new site.  Seems a bit messy to have the old site hanging around forever but if it works..?


And I guess, the new site might hypothetically work its way up the google rankings to a similar position eventually at which point I could delete the old site?