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Mobile Google Place - Website is forwarding to a spam site!

Hi there! When I search "Yankee Grill Renton" on mobile our Google Listing comes up, the website is forwarding to a spam site. When you do the same thing on the desktop, the website button goes to our website. Was I hacked or something???? 

Super User II

@yankeegrill   Yeah, you've been hacked... 😞


Change all your passwords immediately. Users/logins/FTP -- everything. 


Someone is going to have to look at your WordPress .php files and/or .htaccess to see where scripts have been injected.  GoDaddy does have site cleaning services -- and there are plugins that can help you identify what is going on.


It's not just mobile -- my security software prevents the redirect on my PC -- but when I click your listing link on Google and watch the status bar in the lower left hand corner of the screen I see a bunch of typical hacker URLs flash (.tk .ru).


Sorry, I know this is not what you wanted to hear... 😞


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