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Moving old site domain, to new site here on GoDaddy

Okay, I am sorry for a question that has been answered probably a million times. The reason I am posting is because I wanted to make sure my situation is no different than the others.


I am working with a place that owns a .org domain (, domain and files are on PowWeb. It is old school, HTML, pain in the butt to edit. So this place, wanted to switch over to a WordPress site.


The domain .club ( was purchased on GoDaddy as well as hosting.


The goal is to make the new WP site,, have the old domain,, and leave the old website in the dust. 


I want to make this transition as seamless as possible and do not want to delete everything by accident, if anyone has tips, please let me know how I can do this!


Re: Moving old site domain, to new site here on GoDaddy

Hi @anguswfisher1

Sounds like you want to change the primary domain of your Wordpress site. Check out the article here on how to do so. 

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