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My website redirects to WIX. How do I stop this?

Hi There, 


Long time ago, I have created a WIX website, which I stopped using after a couple of month as I bought a domain form godaddy. My website was working fine, until recently I noticed that my website started re-directing to my old WIX website, which is extremely unacceptable as WIX website is very out-of-dated and not professiaonal. 


I have cancelled my WIX account, and deleted the templates and the page. Nevertheless, it is still redirects my normal website to that WIX page:


My original website is:

However, it is no longer working because of that redirection. 


I need help on how to stop it?


Please help!

Helper VI Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: My website redirects to WIX. How do I stop this?

Go to My Products > Domains > Manage > Click on your domain > Settings Tab: Under Name Servers, make sure that you are not using WIX DNS or set to GoDaddy's Standard Name Servers

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

Re: My website redirects to WIX. How do I stop this?

Thanks a million! I was so desperate, and now have looked at the settings you described and apparently the redirection was there! 

I still have no idea, why, who and when this was setup? 

Re: My website redirects to WIX. How do I stop this?

Hi - I think my problem is similar to this one. I bought my domain from and used it as a redirect to my website. It worked great. Then, I was persuaded to try this website builder and I took my domain with me to their platform, and built my new website using my domain. It is a sort of do-it-yourself website builder that gives you step by step guidance to build your site. I changed the IP address on my godaddy DNS zone file, and registered my site with this new website buidling company. Once I took my site live, I ended up not being happy with the results and decided to part ways with that company. I had taken note of the IP address my godaddy site had before and went in to redirect my domain back to my old website. I have now retraced my steps to set it up and tried to put everything back to the way it was before - and now my domain will not work. It's not giving me an error, just a blank page. I have read through other questions here on the forum and I am thinking this might be my answer but what are GoDaddy's Standard Name Servers? I see where to change this setting but what do I change it to? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am very new at this stuff and I would really appreciate the help!