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My website redirects to the wrong site Help! Please!

Hi - I bought my domain from godaddy and used it as a redirect to my company provided website. It worked great. Then, I was persuaded to try this website builder and I took my domain with me to their platform, and built my new website using my domain. It is a sort of do-it-yourself website builder that gives you step by step guidance to build your site. I changed the IP address on my godaddy DNS zone file, and registered my site with this new website builder company. Once I took my site live, I ended up not being happy with the results and decided to part ways with that company. I had taken note of the IP address my godaddy site had before and went in to redirect my domain back to my old website. I have now retraced my steps to set it up and tried to put everything back to the way it was before - and now my domain will not work. It's not giving me an error, just a blank page. I have read through other questions here on the forum and I am thinking changing the Name Servers might be my answer but what are GoDaddy's Standard Name Servers? I see where to change this setting but what do I change it to? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am very new at this stuff and I would really appreciate the help! 




Re: My website redirects to the wrong site Help! Please!

Hello @myessentialspro!


Thank you for posting. You mentioned that you were previously forwarding your domain to your company provided site. Is that what you're trying to do again? If it is, you'd just need to follow the steps here for forwarding your domain


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Re: My website redirects to the wrong site Help! Please!

@myessentialspro  You would change your domain to the default GoDaddy nameservers by going to your domain, selecting DNS and choosing "default" for the nameservers.  When you choose default GoDaddy automatically inserts the proper nameservers.


You would also have to remove the IP (A record?) for the old provider too.


HTH! 😉



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Re: My website redirects to the wrong site Help! Please!

thanks - I actually chatted with godaddy earlier and got the answer I needed. I knew how to forward my domain but I was trying to forward with masking. Didn't know that my company doesn't allow that -- and so it wasn't working properly. All fixed now. 🙂

Re: My website redirects to the wrong site Help! Please!

Similar issue.  I want to redirect my domain to a filemaker cloud database, but it takes me to the filemaker admin console sign-in instead.  The target url is more than 25 characters - is that the issue?