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Name server error

Last 4 days I bought domain and hosting from godaddy.

In my case, when i open site using domain ,following error was occurred.





But using Ip Address is Ok!

what problem may be? 


Helper I

(Edit: the pictures didn't show up at first, I updated my answer after seeing the domain name)

Hey, Lighter2K,


Two thoughts come to mind.


First, it takes time (sometimes 10-15 minutes) for a new domain purchase to get fully implemented on the GoDaddy back end.


Second... if the domains aren't hosted, they're going to get some general GoDaddy "this domain is parked" display, which is what I got when I went to  (your screen shot shows some addition characters after the domain name)


Get some hosting and create some pages!


Not a GoDaddy employee or support staff; I am a GoDaddy Pro with significant experience using a variety of GoDaddy services.

Thanks your reply !

At first i made domain name redirect to facebook page 

and now i removed already it. But automatically go to another link some addition characters after the domain name 
So i can't do any more without domain name is not working.
But with ip address is ok. 
So i want to do all default setting  How to please?