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Nameserver (Turnkey)

Hey everyone since two days am I trying to change my Nameservers but it isn't working no matter what I try. I changed them already for my Bluehost domains and it directly worked. But with Godaddy,  I'm getting the error message "unavailable" when I'm trying to save the nameservers. These are my custom nameservers for my dedicated server: and
And yes I also changed the IP address so it's pointing to my dedicated server. 

Resolver I

Hi @visionandresult,


The first thing to check is to make sure that the nameservers are correct. I know that sounds silly but sometimes, one or the other is off by a single character. If that is all fine, you would then have to make sure that there is not a problem with the dedicated server blocking GoDaddy, The other thing that may be happening is that there is a delay in the system from processing the pointing of the nameserver. That had been the case for me on multiple occasions.


Good Luck,



Hey. I just copy and paste the nameserver from my panel so it's 100% correct written and the problem is that Bluehost directly accepted them so I guess it's something from Godaddy and I also asked Turnkey and they also said the format is actually correct they don't know why GoDaddy isn't accepting them. 

No one?

@visionandresult, your nameservers (NS) look fine. There are times when the NS redirect takes a little time. There is a message that mentions that it sometimes take a set amount of hours. Since I administer a few different accounts for clients, there is a usually a little bit of lag for the NS direction. If you would like to get a faster response to your issue, it would be best to login to your GoDaddy account and contact their support directly. The community portion of GoDaddy is so that people from the community to add support for items other than the GoDaddy hosting.  


I have the same problem and scenario with private server, etc. I named my nameservers  at my hosting myself, so I know they are correct. I get the same error, but when I look into the DNS zone for this domain I found the NS listed that I wanted to change them to when I got the "don't exist error" AND a couple others related to my hosting that I didn't create, so I don't know where they originated. So I guess I will just wait.