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New DNS IP, Site Asking for Authentication?

Just received an email stating a new DNS IP had been assigned. Upon trying to access what should be a publicly viewable website I am prompted for username and password authentication. Verified the A host had been updated to reflect the new IP and have, so far, been unable to find any settings to indicate a public/private toggle that may have been changed. All website files are verified as being there and accessible through GoDaddy's file manager as well as FTP.
Domain and web space are both hosted here with GoDaddy.
Any help would be appreciated.


Hey Dragn,


Sounds like you have one of two issues.  Either your hosting space was assigned a new IP address, in which you need to log into your hosting control panel, view your IP and update the A record for the domain name accordingly, Or :


Your files have been modified, if you're prompting for a download or login window, in most casts this means a control file has been altered. (global.aspx, .htaccess, php.ini, etc.) Simply rename the file to disable it then try browsing the website again.  Hope it Helps.



Thanks for the reply, @CompTek.

I have double-checked the A record IP and it does indeed match, which leaves these control files. I've looked and looked but as near as I can tell, if these files exist (and I would imagine at least one does since the site uses PHP and has been running for a number of years without issue up until this IP address change) I do not have access to them. If that is the source of the issue it would seem to indicate that these files were modified without my knowledge which is its own kind of disconcerting.


Again, thanks. 😄