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New Domain Change of Account

i want to transfer domain between my goDaddy accounts , its a new domain created yesterday and the transfer did not happen and they do not specify the reason why. For transfering outside godaddy , the domain must be minimum 2 months old , does that apply for inside godaddy transfers too ?? if not what else is the problem ?


If you are doing the transfer to another account and you have the same email on that account as you do the one you are transferring from it can cause an issue because the System thinks you are trying to transfer out and into the same account. Both accounts have to also approve the transfer out and then in. Link below for steps.


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You are correct that a newly registered domain can't be transferred to another registrar for 60 days following purchase. This is an ICANN rule. The ability to move a newly registered domain to another GoDaddy account is prevented for 10 days following purchase. This is a GoDaddy security measure to protect our customers and their domains against loss. Once the 10 days have passed, you can move the domain



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