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New Domain Changed Nameservers To Bluehost

I just bought a new domain and I changed the nameservers to Bluehost's. However, on Bluehost's side they requested an EPP or a password to verify ownership. How do i get the EPP? It says disabled..


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Hi @howtostartablog,


It will be due to a 60 day lock: NOT a GD rule, read more here:


This is from Hostgator but still applies.


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That doesn't make sense though. Previously i wasn't required to get any EPP to assign a domain and it still worked. This is the first time i'm encountering this problem. 😞 So the problem is with on the other side (hosting) huh..


Btw, how do i contact an actual GoDaddy staff? The phone lines seem to be only on purchasing, tax records and bills.. WHUT.