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New Wordpress site question

Hi all, 

I just want to check before I waste a lot of time. I have a site that I built with GoCentral but despite multiple sessions with tech support the functionality limitations are killing me. So, I will be building the same site with Wordpress to get the functionality that I need. I want to keep my current site active until the new one is complete. If I build it under one of my other GoDaddy domains, can I just transfer the domain to the correct one when I am done? If not, will I have to build under the existing domain and just have my site down while I build it? Any suggestions?

Helper VI

@FrenchToo of course you can.

Let's assume you have working. Now, you start making your WP site under Once you finish with your WP site, you just change domains and make now point to your WP site.

So your visitors can keep visit your (old) site, and when the WP site is ready, they access it without even noticing what has been happening, except for the new cool things your WP site will be able to do! 😉


Hope it helps!

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