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New godaddy Domain Manager missing sort by expiration date

Just experienced the "NEW" godaddy website, it sucks. I used to be able to sort my 191 domains according to expiration date, then select the ones I wanted to renew and proceed to renewal. Now it appears that I have to do each one individually....  NOT good godaddy, Unless bulk renewal is restored I'll be transferring my domains to a more user friendly registrar....  


Additionally, in trying to post this, the web page is demanding I select an additional label beyond the "Managing Domains". Really??  There isn't another appropriate label to add so ignore the "Discount Domain Club"

Community Manager

Hi @DomainOwner Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! You should still be able to sort by expiration date within the Domain Manager. Clicking on the "Expires On" column title should activate the sorting. I hope that helps. 


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