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New hosting showing coming soon page

Hello everyone,

I just bought a new domain. I added the folder as I used to do in the public html folder "" and added an index.php file..It is not working and showing a coming soon page

coming soon.png


Anyone knows how to solve this issue?


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Super User III

Re: New hosting showing coming soon page

Hey there @elokudzo 


What's the domain name? It could just be a matter of propagation.


I'm willing to bet, however, when you did the initial install you installed it to a subdirectory, like or


If that's the case, just uninstall the current installation and reinstall. make sure you use custom install and delete the directory it suggests you install into. This will put the WP installation in the public_html directory and your site should show up relatively quick.

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Re: New hosting showing coming soon page

Hey Joe @MrVapor ,

I actually did not install anything! I just bought the domain, then I created a subdirectory inside my public_html to add an index.php file just to see if it no installation was done.

I am thinking maybe it could be a DNS config problem since it was showing as "parked" ( and it was showing godaddy template ) then I changed it to my server IP Adress and now showing the coming soon page..seems things change sometimes and you have to make the configurations to make the things running..I am a bit disappointed..You expect to spend less time on this issues and focus on the main work.. I will try to change maybe the dns see if it works..

Thanks Joe


Re: New hosting showing coming soon page


To anyone having this issue, make sure ur DNS A is pointing to the ip address of your server and not showing "parked", then create an addon domain with your domain name you just bought..It will create automatically a folder for you inside your public_html and you just need then to add everything inside that folder and voila!

All the best