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Newbie here (website issues)

I purchased a domain with xxxxx dot agency and google analytics does not accept this.
Error message is not a top level domain name?
I am based in the UK.
Happy for a quick answer.


Thanks Leslie


Removed http// before the www and it worked. Founnd it myself.

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Hi @LeslieClarke,


Glad you sorted it yourself. 

Just a note though, some agencies, offering domain registration may be doing nothing of the sort. They may simply be adding your domain as a sub domain onto their hosting plan. 

A Whois search of your domain could confirm this. 

This may well be the situation and you should check this as it is very important. Whoever owns the top level domain on which your sub domain (?) resides, has full access to your files. Also if their site goes down, so does yours. 

Dont want to unduly concern you, but your browser response would concern me. 

I own the domain name that i wanted to get the google analytics code for. Double checked on Go D. its not a .com its a .agency Does this stil lhave an impact with access?
Would I have to buy a new domain name?

I got the google anayltics code, added to my site, transfered domain name in progress.
So in the right direction, or not? 


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Hi @LeslieClarke,


without knowing all the details I couldn't give a verifiable answer. But saying this, just knowing your domain name and I could run a few checks that can confirm the situation. Also knowing the .agency involved. 

You can private message me this info if you prefer. 

Yes direct but how? Email?

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Hi @LeslieClarke,


Email? Lol, I'm sure there are lots here who would love to know my email...... lol, no @LeslieClarke,

just click on my avatar image and you will get an option to PM me. Thank you Cat Happy